Morning Cup of Tea

Today I harvested some zinnias and cosmic flowers from the biodynamic plot.

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The Grasshopper

By far one of the most interesting & cartoon-like of garden pests is also one of the most harmful. Being voracious feeders, a grasshopper can & will consume up to half its body weight in a day. Who would have thought?

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Just Keep Mowing


I spent a good bit of time on the tractor this week mowing! Several plots needed to be cut pretty short in preparation for tilling and cover cropping. I learned a lot about maintaining the tractor and its implements. I snapped this picture of John taking over the task at the end of my shift.

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Herb Room Color


Herb interns have been busy harvesting leafy herbs like basils and lemon balm lately, so I’ve been thinking back to early summer when our herb room was stocked head to toe with flowers! Starting from the top you can see rose, calendula, lavender, yarrow, and more calendula laid out to dry.

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On the Vine


After harvesting most of the morning, other farm interns and I weeded the summer grape vines. In order to avoid the detrimental affects of frost in late spring and disease, the grapes were planted on a well elevated and well drained patch of farm. They are also in a place where they can receive full sun throughout the day.

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Wormy Problems

Working at UGArden is full of surprises!

I found this crazy looking foot-long flatworm near our mushroom logs. It’s called a land planarian. Their harmless to humans, but can be a problem for some of our favorite garden friends. Land planarian love to feast on any earthworms they can find. This invasive worm from Asia made its way overseas by hitching a ride in the soil of greenhouse plants shipped to America.

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Shiny Beetle

IMG_4337.JPGI found a shiny green beetle on the beans planted in the Biodynamics research plot today! I think it’s a Green June Beetle but it has a more interesting pattern on its back than I’m used to seeing.

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