This Blog is primarily for students and staff working at UGArden as an intern, a paid student, or engaged in an undergraduate/graduate research project. This is a link to our old blog (for historical purposes):  http://ugardeninterns.blogspot.com/

UGArden is a student-run farm located just south of the main University of Georgia campus. Student volunteers help manage and provide the primary labor to grow approximately 4 acres of vegetables, fruits, shitake mushrooms and herbs using organic practices.

The mission of UGArden is to build a community of students centered on a sustainable food system. The goals of UGArden are: 1) to teach students to grow food using organic practices; 2) to share healthy, sustainably grown food with members of the local community who are less fortunate; 3) to engage students in the local community through service learning; and 4) to provide opportunities for students to learn practical skills and experiment with new ideas.

We currently have approximately 1.5 acres in active cultivation, including: medicinal and culinary herbs, vegetables, fruits, and shitake mushrooms. Another 1.5 acres in stages of rotation (mostly cover crops).


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