Ready to be back! (Updated)

After having taken a couple days off of the farm in order to attend my brother’s high school graduation, I am so ready to get to work! Even with the rain, there is nothing better than time in the fields. Last week I spent a lot of time hoeing and setting trellis posts & panels. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me this week!

(There should be a picture in this post but I can’t see it…. stay tuned for an update with a picture!)


Enjoying the Harvest

This week, my 3rd week had been very interesting as the other two have. This time around, I gained experience in harvesting some thorny Stinging Nettle (which made some fantastic tea that smelled like green beans) as well as Lavender. The picture I have posted below was of Thursday Morning when we were harvesting Roses and Calendula, the same regime as last week. I was surprised to learn that it only takes a few hours for Calendula to open fully when exposed to direct sunlight; meaning that if we miss some that are nearly open, chances are that those flowers will be unusable when we come back the next day. If I were to give the Calendula flower a descriptor, it would be “spontaneous.”Spider Web UGArden.jpg

Week 3 at the garden

This week I harvested calendula and rose on both Tuesday and Thursday. I also harvested mullen alone, while everyone else was brave enough to harvest the stinging nettle (ouch!). I weeded the high tunnel with the main garden crew on Wednesday. This weekend I am scheduled to water, I am reminding myself to do so; lest I feel the wrath of a very disappointed staff.