Week 3 in the Herb Garden

Wood Ear mushrooms!


We sowed over 1,000 seeds!  First, we cleaned and sanitized the finger trays with 10% bleach.  Then, we hydrated some potting soil and filled the trays.  We determined how many seeds we needed for each species and made tags for them.  Then, we each grabbed a few packets and started planting.

After we finished, Noelle watered the trays.

–Water trays from above, so the water does not push the soil out.


The dry room was a little cluttered, so we cleaned it and reorganized.  Now, there is so much room, and all the herbs are labeled and alphabetized.  We’ll be so efficient!

Week 2 in the Herb Garden

Herb cabinet!


We strained the infused oils and poured the lavender oil into bottles.  We then combined the calendula oil and plantain oil with beeswax pellets and gently heated the mixture until it completely melted.  Before it hardened again, we poured the salve into containers.

We also bagged some teas for one of Noelle’s workshops: Restorative, Anti-Anxiety, and Tulsi!


Because of the snow, UGA was closed until 10:30 which was too late for us to go into Ugarden. 😦 …But I went anyway and took pictures of the snow!