Culling is an important step for farms and its produce. Not all food is ready to be sold at market after it is harvested. A sorting must be done to separate the good from the less appetizing. Grade “A” food is washed and bundled for market, this is the cream of the crop. It gets stored in the large freezer and is taken and sold later that day. fridgeGrade “B” produce is called the cull. The cull might be slightly damaged or over/ under ripe. The cull is still good to eat. It gets separated and placed in an alternative fridge. At the UGAgarden the cull is taken home by interns and volunteers. fridge yum

Grade “C” produce is undesirable. This may be because of pest, disease, or rot. Although this food is not adequate for consumption it does not go to waste. It gets separated and turned into compost. The compost is then reapplied to the beds as nutrients for the next rotation of crops. compost

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