The Great Bean Social ’16 at the UGArden

The photo shows some of the UGArden team enjoying a delicious bowl of pinto beans and rice!

It takes more than just beans to make Burke’s world famous pinto beans. Just like those beans, it also takes more than just a garden to create the UGArden.

UGArden is rich recipe created by the spice and flavor that each person brings to the garden. It’s a unique dish unlike any other, but what makes it truly special is how all these personalities come together to make UGArden a place to branch out, plant roots and growth in a fantastic community for beginners to enthusiasts alike .

Pinto Bean Recipe


1lb dried pinto beans

4 cups of vegetable broth

3 bay leaves

2 tbsp oregano

1 tbsp chili powder

1 tbsp chipotle power

3 tbsp garlic power

4 tbsp salt

1 tbsp black pepper

1 tbsp paprika

1 pinch of love


Mix all ingredients and cook 4.5 hours on high in slow cooker


Serve with rice

Garnish with Cilantro

Squeeze some lime onto it



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One Response to The Great Bean Social ’16 at the UGArden

  1. jbiang14 says:

    so yummy!

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