Monday Meetings

IMG_0189.jpgEvery Monday all of the interns get together at the end of the day for our weekly meeting. Sometimes we just talk about what needs to be done, sometimes we learn new skills, sometimes we all hunker down on a big task that needs to get done before the day is up… but we’re always doing it all together.
Mondays are always my worst day, schedule-wise, but for the past year they’ve been my favourite day of the week.
Except for today.

Today is going to be my last Monday meeting at UGArden, and I know it’s probably silly to be losing sleep over it, but I don’t want 4:45 to come at all today. Maybe the day could just pause somewhere in the middle, or right at 4:30 when we’re all pretty much at UGArden waiting for the meeting to start anyway.

I love working at UGArden and everyone who works there with me. Nothing will ever be exactly the same, and I’m okay with that. But my heart still hurts because the semester is ending and I’m leaving, and as excited I as I am to go and explore new things in life, UGArden has become the one big thing that I never want to leave behind.

I guess what I want to say is thanks. Thanks to everyone at UGArden who made my experience what it was, who’s making this so dang hard for me to write. All of you will have a special place in my memories and heart forever, and even though I won’t be working with you anymore, I’ll still keep in touch and treasure you guys forever.

It’s almost 7:30am, and I started writing this around 7, so time is still passing in spite of my wishes. I guess that means I’ll see everyone this afternoon for the meeting.

I’ll try not to cry too much.


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