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Clean, green eatin’

‘Tis the season for greens upon greens upon greens. Kale me crazy, but I am absolutly loving it, especially since this week has been Passover (a Jewish holiday which means no bread and wheat, among other things, for a week).

So far, my favorite way to cook kale is in a pan with honey, garlic powder, a little oil and water with a sunny side up egg on the side. Other options to try: smoothies, chips, and salads…

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Oyster Mushroom Workshop This Afternoon

Today’s UGArden Club meeting offers something special. After weeks of testing and retesting, Dr. Hartel has finally perfected a fool-proof method to grow oyster mushrooms in a plastic bucket. We have been collecting buckets from grocery stores in preparation for this very day. From 4-6pm tomorrow, Dr. Hartel will be leading a group of UGAarden Club Members, Interns, and a few others in a workshop on how to raise oyster mushrooms. Ten lucky participants will get to take a bucket home with them to care for them, watch them grow and provide feedback on how it worked. Come early to get your name in the hat for a free mushroom bucket. Even if you can’t come right at 4, come anyway and see how the process works. if all goes well, we will be growing oysters continuously year-round. See you later today.