Tractors (also Superman…)


Well if you ever wanted to get to know me this post pretty much sums me up.

Last semester I didn’t drive the tractor a whole bunch, just because my work shift didn’t overlap with the need for tractor usage. But this week Ash and I were helping modify the strawberry cages, which meant transporting a lot of soil, which meant an opportunity to finally use the tractor arose!

….And on a seemingly unrelated sidenote, I’m a nerd. Huge comics nerd. DC and Marvel (although I prefer Marvel generally but that’s a whole other thing not to be discussed in this particular place or time anywho–).

So when I first came to UGArden and saw the tractor, the first thing that came to my head was this little clip from early 1970s Superman comics:


Probably mostly because it’s bright orange but anyway when I drive it… Do you ever play out the scenario in your head while you’re driving a car that you’re in a high-speed car chase from like a Bourne movie? I do that with the tractor but way less exciting. Like the tractor is Superman lifting a bunch of stuff and there’s a tiny guy in the background going “GREAT THUNDER! The tractor isn’t scratched! But the pile of dirt is completely GONE!”


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