Knowing Athens…

Hi everyone!

this week has been so different starting for the weather!… yesterday  was Sunny and windy perfect to harvest and to be in the field working and today it was rainy!! so we work cleaning the barn and also I had the opportunity to go to the winter activities fair with B and know about all the 944083_1126519654047372_8369640732491514454_nclubs that UGA has for the students and also to show and talk about UGArden and it was amazing to see all the clubs that you have!! :O I mean in my university we have clubs but not many and not as diverse as those here and seeing theirs stands somes were interesting and other so crazy hahaha it was cool to know about all these I did not know there was a club to donate your organs or a club to change laws about marijuana in Georgia unless there was a club for women in business
and more… it was a nice experience and fun to learn about the interest that has UGA students.

20160203_134453aaah yes! and I met the pope today haahaha

By the way Feliz Cumpleaños Prof. Berle que haya disfrutado su día y que cumpla muchos más y por supuesto que siga practicando su español como lo ha hecho estos días! 🙂




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