Hitchin a ride


At the beginning of this month, we worked on cleaning up the asparagus patch. It is SO CLEAN AND NICE NOW!! But it took a lot of work (and workgroups, before Thanksgiving break came) to get it all weeded and cut back and everything. This picture is Berea and Ashleigh on the trailer hitch as we traveled from the patch to the compost pile with a ton of dirt we’d scraped out of the aisles between the asparagus rows. We had to take that out so we could pull up the fabric beneath it to replace everything.

On a side note, both of the people pictured here are wearing short sleeves– in part because it’s a lot of moving around to shovel dirt for hours, but also in part because it’s been… in the 60s Fahrenheit? IN DECEMBER??? (Which being that I am of Cuban blood, I am completely fine with, but it’s messing with production and by that I mean production has not stopped or slowed yet and we’re pretty much midway through December so that’s a little worrisome…)

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