Experiencing Experience UGA


For the past couple of weeks, UGArden has had 7th graders from a couple of different schools come out to the farm for “Experience UGA”, which is a program that UGA does every year where over the course of several months, all of the K-12 students in Clarke county get the opportunity to come to UGA and experience different aspects of it. We got the seventh graders for the farm! It was pretty fun, we led them around to different “stations” we’d set up and explained what we do on the farm as well as things like the life cycle of honeybees and how compost works and why kale is good for you and all that fun stuff.

The picture is from the Brassicaceae station, where we explained how all the Brassicas were related and then made kale-banana smoothies for the kids to taste. I was pretty surprised at how adventurous some of the kids were, and how much they like the smoothies! All in all  it was a fun time. I think we have one more day of Experience UGA left, since we had to postpone last Tuesday due to cruddy weather.

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