Hoop Housin’


Hoop houses are important during the cold months especially because they trap heat in and ensure that the plants inside don’t freeze to death. It’s pretty crazy how effective a sealed hoop house can be… on Sunday when I went in to water I had to unseal the hoop house to get inside, and as soon as I stepped foot into it my glasses fogged up instantly. It wasn’t particularly freezing outside, but the temperature and humidity change was so huge that it made it hard for me to see to water. It was probably about a 10-15╦ÜF difference between in there and the outside. Needless to say, our turmeric is doing quite well!


Good Morning, UGArden.


Every weekend the interns here at UGArden switch off coming in to water and look after things at the farm. We come in and take care of things before noon so when we water it doesn’t get sucked up by the sun before the plants get a chance at it. I usually come in early when it’s my turn because I have work later in the day. I love seeing the sunrise from the farm. Saturday I came in a little later than usual and everything was just so serene and lovely… I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving break. ­čÖé

Good to be back :)

IMG_9076 IMG_9073

I was out sick for most of this week, so yesterday when I was well enough to work again, it was nice to be back on the farm.

I had a workday which one person attended, so he, Jay, Berea, and I went through the rows and put in hoops so we could cover the rows.

Taylor joined in at one point, and we got all of the hoops in so we began putting the row covers on and holding them down with sandbags.

The row covers protect the crops from frost, and since they’re light-coloured, they reflect light so that they don’t get too hot and fry the crops when the sun comes out.

Haunted House


With all of the rain we have had these past few weeks, I have spent a lot of time doing jobs out of the fields.  I was cleaning up from the Fall Festival and organizing the lower barn.  Some carved pumpkins had been sitting out in the rain, scattered around the lower barn, and the extra touch of mold made them super creepy.



Around the UGArden, we specialize in vegetables (and fruits & shrooms), but you can always find lots of different animals living in different nooks and holes.  Recently, We found several black widow spiders in the lower field.  Notice the red hourglass on their underside.  Also, as we have been harvesting lots of mushrooms lately, I have noticed some slugs living in the decaying logs.  These are just a few examples of the many other living things around us, whether we notice them or not.