Warning: spider photo in this post


I’m starting this post off with something nice, because I don’t want to freak people out with the really cool picture of a spider I’ve got below in case someone’s scared of ’em. So! This is our turmeric and ginger! We grow them in a hoop house down by the barn, and Jay and I spent one morning this past week weeding the beds. It smells so nice in there, the ginger is pretty pungent. I love it.

So the hoop house is down by the barn, where we store stuff, and this past week we also worked on cleaning it out (because Experience UGA kids are coming next week). At one point JoHannah and I pulled out a tarp to fold it and several GIANT wolf spiders came scampering out, it was awesome! (I love spiders). I was way too excited about them, so I took a picture of one of them (my foot is next to it for size reference).


😀 They just kinda chilled on the tarp as we dumped water off of it and laid it out to dry. A couple of them ran off, but this lil fella stayed on.

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