The Flow Form Project

This summer, I’ve been working on a research project on the biodynamic water filtration device known as the Flow Form. In biodynamic farming, a moving body of water (such as a mountain stream) possesses a natural frequency — a “living energy” so to speak. So in biodynamic systems, irrigation water like the water used for this greenhouse (stored in a cistern) would be considered dead water, because the water does not have the motion or access to air that would give it a living energy. But since it’s not realistic that we can all access the water we need to farm from natural streams, what is a possible solution to this “dead water”? The Flow Form. ff1The Flow Form is supposed to return that natural frequency to the water by essentially filtering it through a series of chambers, which keeps the water constantly moving and allows it exposure to the air. The chambers are shaped in such a way that the water rotates in a figure-eight type pattern. Water can then be taken from the reservoir at the base and used to water plants (ideal for small backyard growers). But the question remains: what advantage does this “living water” give the plant (over normal irrigation water)? That’s where my research comes in.

The research consists of a series of trials involving 24 plants each — lettuce, grown in the greenhouse. The plants are in groups of four, and three groups belong to the Flow Form water group while the other three belong to the regular irrigation water group. The plants are watered with their respective water sources, each with the same amount of water. When a trial is finished — ie. the plants are mature and ready for harvest — I harvest them, discard the stalk, and weigh the plants by group.


Data and results to come!


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