Sometimes in life you’re the amaranth, sometimes you’re the pumpkin.


Tuesday we (“we” being me, Jay, Berea, and Ashley) weeded the pumpkin patch of all the spiny amaranth that’d been growing there since…. ???? Probably the beginning of the summer.

Some of the amaranth were basically small trees. At one point I pulled one huge amaranth plant out of the ground with so much force that I fell backwards…. into more amaranth. We had to take a shovel to some of them. I couldn’t stay to finish the job because I had to leave for work, but the patch is much cleaner now that it was Tuesday. Serious kudos to whoever ended up finishing that (pretty sure it was Jay and Berea, as Ashley left a little before I did).

Yet another day I was grateful for long sleeves and pants. Some of those spines get stuck in your skin– I tore one of my fingers open a couple of weeks ago pulling one up without gloves [[lesson learned]].

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