A incredible journey

I could not have chosen a better group of people to work with over the past semester, they helped me love going to UGA again. Even through COVID, we were able to triumph and accomplish some pretty rad things! Thank you UGArden for providing me with wonderful advisors, great co-workrers, and a beautiful community to be welcomed in to. This was the best way to end my senior year, gaining many skills to creating life long friendships!

movie night 🙂
our last day working together :’)

Time on the farm is coming to a close…

Found another little green guy, posing for us this time!

Harvested for our last few times!

Drove and worked on the tractor!

One of my favorite things I did over these last few weeks was process dried mushrooms that goes into UGArden italian mushroom seasonings! As well as planting a whole new plot of holy basil!

Week 12

Since its changing seasons, the greenhouse was beginning to get too hot for the plants, today was the day we added shade cloth! I made the winning throw to get it all the way over.

A big project we finished was the trellises in the new high tunnel! Natalie, Sierra, Jenny, and I put in that work, drilling in fence posts, hanging up the fencing wire and weeding!

Week 11

We learned how to fertlize the greenhouse with fish emulsion, be careful or that smell will linger longer than you’d like! Found a little green guy.

We finished out the week by learning how to fertlize the fruit trees!

Week 10

We harvested the rest of carrots!!! Fun but sad day, I loved harvesting carrots.

We weeded as much as we could from the blackberries, it was hard work! As well as took out the bolting kale plants!

We also took plastic off of the small high tunnel!

Week 9

We learned about proper hosing with pipes and water hoses. Then we planted transplants of lettuce and kale and we cleaned out the lower barn, pretty efficient day!

We also learned how to use the BCS tractor, covered other plots with tarps, and replanted some basil plants (over 200).

A great time with great friends!

On Monday, it’s our final official day as interns. It’s been an incredible experience with each other every time we were able to work together and learn new skills! These have been some awesome people, and I’m lucky and thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time here with them this semester. ❤

final photo dump!

Over the past couple of weeks we have done so much! From planting and spreading compost with the tractor in the lower plots to washing/drying/bagging herbs! We planted so much basil in a plot where we are practicing no till (this keeps the soil healthy for the plants) & Noelle was so happy! I sanded and painted the inside of the shipping container that will be used for the herbs! It’s looking so good! Also, the ginger we planted a while ago is looking so good & happy!

I am so thankful for this semester & the people I have met. It’s wild to think I have only known these people for a semester, because we are all best buds now 🙂